Ohio Statistics and Current Trends

The current generation of young people is living in the midst of an “anything goes” culture and they are paying the price:

One out of every five sexually active girls becomes pregnant before the age of 18. Click here for more statistics on teen pregnancy in Franklin County.

  • The Ohio Department of Health gives Franklin County a below average rating in maternal and child indicators including, rates of teen pregnancy, low birth weight of babies and infant mortality.

In 2010, nearly 10% of all live births to Franklin County residents were to teenage mothers.

In 2012, 404 pregnancies involving Franklin County teenagers ended in abortion – that’s 11% of all abortions performed on Franklin County residents.

In 2011, of those abortions, 186 were performed on white teens and 193 were performed on African-American teens. In 2012, 162 were to white mothers and 196 were to African-American mothers. That’s a 6% decrease in abortions for white teens, during the same period African-American abortion rates increased nearly 2%.

Did you know?

A teenager contracts a sexually transmitted disease every eight seconds.

Click here for more statistics on sexually transmitted diseases in Franklin County.


In 2013 Franklin County reported the second highest rate of infection for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in the state of Ohio:

  • 7,857 cases of chlamydia – 15% of all cases reported in Ohio
  • 2,949 cases of gonorrhea – 18% of all cases reported in Ohio
  • 303 cases of syphilis – 28% of all cases reported in Ohio


In 2012 Franklin County had the second highest rate of abortion in the state of Ohio.


3,771  abortions were performed in Franklin County in 2012 – that’s over 10 per day, the second-highest total of any county in Ohio.

Statewide the number of abortions performed in Ohio has increased from 24,764 in 2011 to 25, 473 in 2012.

Of all abortions performed on Franklin County residents, 42% of the patients were white and 45% were African-American.

In Franklin County, African-Americans account for 21% of Franklin Country residents, but 45% of abortions performed on Franklin County residents.


The age distribution has remained fairly unchanged since 1994 – 58% of abortions on Franklin County residents in 2010 were performed on women in their 20s.

Statewide, 56% of abortions are performed on women with a high-school education or less.

The marital status distribution has remained fairly constant since 1994 – 83% of all abortions performed in Ohio in 2012 were on unmarried women.

62% of women who had abortions in Ohio in 2012 reported having a prior pregnancy.

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