Char Dunbar

My name is Char Dunbar and for the past 10 months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the new Executive Director of The Women’s Clinic of Columbus.  Who are we?

We are a faith based Pro-Life clinic that cares for the well-being and education of young women and men, particularly those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.  What do we do? The Women’s clinic provides help for the complete person – body, soul and spirit in confidence and at no charge.

My journey, guided by the Lord, began with my father a devoted minister that guided his 4 daughters to understand that God leads my life and all my actions.  As an adult I became an advocate for women’s issues with the launch of my child support company. that fought side by side with women to gain financial support for their children.  After 24 years of service fighting for women, children and families, I retired and continued to work, serving special needs students in the Delaware School system.

Looking into the faces of these loving children, I knew that every parent had the option to select life over death.  Each night I prayed that these families acknowledge the joy each child brought to their family.  There were times the job became emotionally draining, but I felt that I could make a difference in the life of these young children.

In these past 10 months I can honestly say that this job has been the most rewarding rolls I have accomplished! The Women’s Clinic is a beacon of light and hope to every young woman who walks through the doors!